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Is Your High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) Caused by Pre-Diabetes?

If you suffer from high blood pressure, your condition may be part of a potentially dangerous but reversible condition called Pre-Diabetes. You're also particularly at risk from this glucose and insulin disorder if you're overweight, over 45, don’t get enough exercise, eat large quantities of carbohydrates, have high or low blood sugar levels or a family history of Diabetes.

Left unchecked, Pre-Diabetes increases the likelihood of irreversible Type 2 Diabetes, which significantly raises the risk of a heart attack or stroke as well as blindness, amputation and kidney disease.

Your doctor can run a series of blood tests that will evaluate whether you have Pre-Diabetes. But please take this test first to measure your level of risk: CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE PRE-DIABETES TEST

If the test results show your high blood pressure may be an indication of Pre-Diabetes, we urge you to take action now.

The initial signs of Pre-Diabetes can be painless. As a result, many men and women fail to take preventative action until this disorder leads to Type 2 Diabetes, which must be managed for the rest of a one’s life and may require daily insulin injections.

The New York Times recently called Diabetes a "21st century health crisis." However, studies show that Pre-Diabetes can be reversed before it becomes Type 2 Diabetes. To achieve this transformation, you must not only have a sound understanding of what is causing your condition but also a knowledge of the specific actions you need to take to overcome it.

We urge you to spend a few minutes reading the following pages so you can empower yourself and transform your health forever. We suggest you start with the Knowledge Is Power button below. The more you understand about what’s causing your Pre-Diabetes, the more power you will have to heal your condition.


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