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Insulite Pre-Diabetes System

The Insulite Pre-Diabetes System is the first, comprehensive, multi-layered approach that scientifically addresses Pre-Diabetes and Insulin Resistance.

It works on 5 specific levels and includes a plan to wean you of addictive food like simple carbohydrates and sugar as well as offering an extensive support network.

Our goal is to support the whole person and not give false hope that one "miracle pill" will reverse you condition. We feel people have long been misled that a single product can "heal."

Research does not substantiate this claim. So, as a result, we have developed the Insulite Pre-Diabetes System to help you reverse Insulin Resistance.

While weight gain and obesity are the most visible results of Insulin Resistance, other serious health issues may be involved in addition to Pre-Diabetes, which, if left unchecked, can lead to Type 2 Diabetes.

This condition can be managed in the vast majority of cases and can require daily injections of insulin for the rest of a Diabetic's life. Type 2 Diabetes, itself, is a risk factor for blindness, and kidney disease.

Fortunately, Pre-Diabetes can be managed before it leads to the onset on Type 2, yet remains a risk factor for Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X), and the hormone imbalance called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) - a major cause of menstrual irregularity and female infertility.

"Even modest changes in lifestyle can make a big difference when it comes to the risk of developing Pre-Diabetes, which may lead to potentially life-threatening Type 2 Diabetes."
Viewpoints: Healing News from Insulite Laboratories, July 2005

Unlike the numerous companies that have promoted ineffective products such as fat blockers, stimulants, and appetite suppressants, we at Insulite Laboratories are dedicated to providing you with a safe, long lasting solution to Insulin Resistance and its related conditions. We take this commitment very seriously.

The Insulite Pre-Diabetes System has been designed to safely and effectively support change in your body chemistry. Insulite Laboratories has developed this system to help maintain healthy insulin and glucose levels in your body.

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your caring advice and guiding me towards taking control of my health. It's hard to express in words how long I have been trying to find the answers you have so easily provided for me.

I am only 27 and was really feeling the effects of my IR and PCOS, with terrible lethargy and fearing that I would never get my active life back. I was taking glucophage which did nothing for me but cause stomach and bowel problems. After 2 1/2 weeks on Insulite PCOS, I feel an amazing difference in energy and even a little in my weight.

I am so excited about the positive changes in my health and I can't wait to see where I am six months from now, yet alone the year. Thank you again!"
  Stuarts Draft, VA

The first element is potent nutraceuticals (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and botanicals formulated to address specific conditions) in the Supplement Plan.

Then there are the second and third levels of the step-by-step Nutrition and Exercise Plans to further support your efforts to lose weight and help you reverse Insulin Resistance.

Learning about and overcoming addiction to simple carbohydrates and sugar is crucial to transforming your health by losing weight. So the goal of our fourth element, the Insulite Pre-Diabetes Addiction Awareness Plan, is to wean you of addiction to carbs/sugars by slowly reducing your intake, and helping you avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Your addiction to carbs/sugars is primarily driven by the profound ability of food to stimulate your neurochemical pathways - the brain circuits that produce your feelings of contentment and which can help dull emotional and physical pain.

The circuits that are stimulated by simple carbohydrate food and sugar are the same addictive circuits that are energized by drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, and heroin. This is why dieting can be so difficult - and willpower is not enough - to make a permanent lifestyle change.

Fortunately, research shows that exercise can stimulate many of the same circuits as drugs, simple carbohydrates, and sugar (primarily dopamine, endorphins and serotonin circuits).

The various elements of the Insulite Pre-Diabetes System can help manage these critical pathways so that, in time, exercise will become a primary source of pleasure.

Recognizing how difficult it is to make lifestyle changes, a fifth element, called the Insulite Support Network, has been created to keep you motivated with an ongoing outreach program. To support you fully in your efforts to reverse insulin resistance, we contact you each week with comprehensive email messages about diet, exercise, recipes, lifestyle tips, and other helpful information.

Support is also vital to enable you to reverse Insulin Resistance, and lose weight. The Insulite Pre-Diabetes Support Network is designed to coach you every step of the way in your pursuit of health. As part of our pledge to do all we can to help you feel better, we offer free consultations with our Consulting and Advisory teams about any issues you might have concerning your condition. You can take advantage of a free consultation without commiting to start the multi-level Insulite system. If you do begin the system, however, you will enjoy the reassurance of knowing you can continue to contact our experts for free advice.

You'll also receive a weekly health tip by email that is tailored to your condition. Support is a key aspect of the Insulite Pre-Diabetes System on your journey to better health.

The Insulite Support Network has been designed to help you keep the commitments you have made to yourself.

And the Insulite Pre-Diabetes System provides all the tools that you will need.


Read about the Elements of the Insulite Pre-Diabetes System


Please Note: The Insulite Pre-Diabetes System is not a medical treatment and neither is it a substitute for the advice of your primary care physician. Instead, the Insulite System is primarily a nutritional and lifestyle approach that supports your body's abilities to better manage your condition.

Consult your doctor before beginning the Insulite System and seek his or her advice about monitoring your condition while keeping him or her informed of your progress and experiences. Individual results will vary.

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"I have been on the Insulite Pre-Diabetes System for one year. Within that year I have lost 76 pounds and my glucose level has improved. I followed the plan provided and have also become physically fit. I am able to exercise 2+ hours a day and hike difficult treks at the parks without fatigue. I feel better and healthier than I have in a very long time. I wish to tell others what a wonderful system this is. I have ordered another year of the Pre-Diabetes System and expect that the improvements will keep coming."
  Austin, TX
Pre-Diabetes Articles
"I have been on the Insulite System for approx 3 months. I have lost 33 lbs, my liver functions are normal and my A1C came back at 5.1, down from 8.03 months ago. I was taking 10 Glucovance pills daily, now I take only 2 pills in the AM. My blood sugar is normal, my energy is higher than it has been in years and I feel great. Insulite along with a change in my diet has changed my life.

I tell everyone that asks me what I have done to change my life, about the Insulite program. Your product is fantastic. I have cut out all sweets, flour, dairy and have no cravings."
Marta Garcia
  Santa Ana, CA
"Nearly 21 million Americans are believed to be diabetic, according to the Centers for Disease Control, and 41 million more are Pre-Diabetic; their blood sugar is high, and could reach the diabetic level if they do not alter their living habits."
Diabetes and Its Awful Toll Quietly Emerge as a Crisis"
New York Times
"Ever since I started the Insulite Pre-Diabetes System my blood glucose levels dropped 15%.

It's reassuring to know that there is help for me and other people with Pre-Diabetes."
  Honolulu, HI
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Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes Now Strikes One in Four Americans:
The number of Americans with diabetes has grown to about 24 million people, or roughly 8 percent of the U.S. population. Read more...
"I have been on the Insulite Pre-Diabetes System for 6 months now. I have lost 52.5 lbs and am walking 5 miles a day, 6 days a week. I feel great! I still have a hard time believing that this has worked so well and so easily. I have tried to lose weight for years and had even come to the point of gaining weight while fasting.

When I read about Insulin Resistance it described me perfectly. The Insulite System made complete sense. I have followed the entire plan and the results are astounding. God has used the Insulite System to change my life. Your support has been tremendous! Thank you for being there for me."
Sheryl Ward
  Hernando, MS
"I cannot believe the difference the Insulite System has made in how I feel. My appetite has changed tremendously. I do not crave carbs and sugar and my appetite is somewhat diminished."
  Bakersfield, CA
"In less than 3 weeks I've started losing weight again after being "stuck" on Weight Watchers for about a year. I've lost about 4 lbs since starting Insulite but more significantly my blood pressure is well within normal limits now and I can tell my metabolism is better. I am not getting that slump between meals and am able to control between-meal snacking, and I have a lot of energy throughout the day rather than periods where I need to nap. I just ordered the 6 months supply. Thank you!"
Teresa Ruth
  Boise, ID
"Although I have never met any of your staff I feel that I get more positive response from you all than my doctors for the last five years.

I'm just so grateful for your organization. You have given me so much hope and something to look forward to. I feel as if I'm dealing with professionals who care about what happens to their patient."
Daniella McKnight
"I want to thank you for answering all my questions. I am very pleased for your quick response and for the wonderful service you have provided me with. I am happy now that I know what to do and how to help my wife with her problem."
  Orlando, FL
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"Simply losing 5-7% of your body fat (typically 10-15 pounds) and increasing your physical activity by taking a brisk walk 4-5 times a week can reduce your risk of developing Type II Diabetes by almost 60%."
Diabetes Prevention Program study 2001, study funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, et al.
Pre-diabetes Newsletter Archive
"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your caring advice and guiding me towards taking control of my health. It's hard to express in words how long I have been trying to find the answers you have so easily provided for me.

I am so excited about the positive changes in my health and I can't wait to see where I am six months from now, yet alone the year. Thank you again!"
  Stuarts Draft, VA
"...approximately 90% of overweight Hispanic children with a family history for type 2 diabetes have at least one feature of the metabolic syndrome and 30% possess the metabolic syndrome.

Our results support the view that improving insulin resistance may be crucial in the prevention of both type 2 diabetes and premature cardiovascular disease in this at-risk subpopulation of Hispanic youth."
Cruz ML, Weigensberg MJ, Huang TT, Ball G, Shaibi GQ, Goran MI.,J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2004 Jan;89(1):108-13.
Article by Dr. Sheri Colberg, Phd, FACSM
"I started your product and found it really boosts my system, helping me get off ground zero, and stop the spiral downwards. It gave me the energy to start exercising and prepare healthy meals.

You are all very supportive, even though I am on the other side of the world (Australia). I am very glad that I am on your product, your weekly messages are also very encouraging, when I am finding things a bit harder. Thank you for everything."
  Perth, Australia

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